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      Getting advice that will keep your business running

      Engaging in business and surviving can be very challenging, especially when you are starting and there are already a lot of competitors in that particular area. However, just knowing the right thing to do at the right time will help you to grow continuously until you are able to become a top brand. A significant percentage of start-ups all over the world do fail because they are unable to do the right thing at the right time. Anybody who is confident enough to start a business will be willing to do anything to make that business grow and stand the test of time. The problem majorly therefore, do not come from not wanting to do, but from not knowing what to do. This is where business advice comes in. With the right business advice, you will be able to easily know what to do in a particular situation for the survival of your business.
      In line with this, the business advice section of this forum will help with getting great advice from business professionals and business owners who have over time, experienced what you are currently experiencing. You can therefore easily ask for advice on any business situation and there should be at least two to three people that can give you their own advice on what to do base on their own personal experience in the past or based on their professional knowledge.
      There are several benefits to getting business advice through our forum. The fact that you will be able to get this idea for free is a very big boost for your business. The money and time you would have used for seeking professional advice with a consultant will be safe and can easily be reinvested into the business for more results. Furthermore, you will also be able to always ask questions whenever you have any. This will save you having to pay frequent visits to a consultant with regular consultancy fees. You will also be able to get different views from different people. You will therefore have wider views than just consulting one person. You will then know which best advice to you or try to combine advices to get the best result.
      Apart from business owners, individuals can also seek advice about what they want to do and what will be the best way to approach it. You can inquire about a particular type of business you require and what it will cost you. You will be able to get different quotes from businesses on our forum that are involved in that type of business. You can then go for the price within your budget, while checking to make sure that they are reputable and reliable to deliver the job you want done, exactly the way you need it. The business advice section is thus, an interesting section for business owners, customers and potential customers to seek advice on any business they have interest in.
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    • Business Discussion

       Meeting clients and creating business relationships in the business section

      The business section of this forum is a great place for businesses to inform prospective customers about their services. Individuals who also want businesses that can help with their project can also post such information under this section. Just like every other aspect of online advertising, been a member of this forum and participating actively on the forum is a very easy way to get new customers that will be loyal to you.
      Imagine a scenario where you wanted to buy a wrist watch, but at the same time you also need to get to a particular location. If after a lot of stress and effort, you were unable to get there and finally, you found someone who happens to sell wrist watches, help you find your way to the location. Considering the fact that he or she has been of immense help for you, you will also want to patronize the person, as a form of appreciation. If at the end of the day, the person is also able to deliver a satisfactory service, you will become one of the best fans of that individual and he will be your top choice whenever you want to buy wrist watch and you will be happy recommending him or her to your friends as well. The same happens with contributing meaningfully on business forums.
      When you are able to help a person solve a problem, the person will also be willing to patronize you, as a form of appreciation. As a business owner, you should therefore, be willing to always help out people who have issues on business forums, especially when the issue is related to your niche. It will give them the impression that you are not only kind and generous to help them, but that you are also very knowledgeable and an expert at what you do. Everybody loves to relate with experts in a particular field, when they need a product or service in that field, because they will be confident that what they will be getting from you as an expert, will be high quality and that should they ever have any issue with the product or service, you will also be willing and able to help them out. They will base that fact on the premise that if you could help them out even before they patronized you, then you will even be more interested in helping then out with your own product and services.
      Individuals who are also looking for a particular product or service will also be able to benefit immensely from the business forum. You will be able to see businesses that are very active on the forum and how they have been able to help other people. You will see how people looking for the same products and services as you are looking for have been able to get such done by a business on lookin4me.com as well as their reviews and feedback. With this, you might not even need to create a new thread and waiting for replies, as you will be able to instantly get ideas of businesses you can work it.
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    • General Discussion

      Get to know more about lookin4me.com

      Lookin4me.com is a very great platform with several features to help you promote your business. To make the most of the website, businesses and individuals will need to get full information about the features on our platform and how to use them to their benefits. The FAQ page on our website already discusses some of these features. If you however, have further questions, you could easily ask in this section.
      Some of the features that business owners will enjoy is the ability to upload information about their businesses such as contact details, pictures and even videos. All of these will go a long way to help individuals get information about your business and how to reach you. If you have any challenges with how you can benefit from such information and how to set it up, or having any problem, you can ask question in this section and you will be get answers as soon as possible. If you are also confused on any of our groupings, for instance, you do not know under what type or category to register your business, you can also ask questions in this section and we will guide you on what types and categories describe your business the most. We will also be able to suggest other related types and categories in the event that your business can fit in more than one of our types and categories which is very possible.
      For individuals, we also have unique features that can aid them in building business relationships with the right company for them. For instance, apart from the fact that you can easily search for and locate companies that carry out a certain range of services, or from which you can purchase products, you also have the option of bookmarking businesses. With this option, if you have found a business you would want to do business with in the future or who you just concluded a great business deal with and you are sure you will need his or her services again, you can bookmark them, so that you don’t lose them again or have to start searching for them afresh. This is considering how difficult it could be to locate a single company out of our growing database of companies, except you are lucky to still have their exact name. This single feature can save you hours of having to start searching by their type of products and services. This is just one of several features that is made to help individuals find companies with ease.
      Despite the fact we have tried to ensure that the site is structured in such a way that it is easy to move around, we will always be around to answer questions if you have even the slightest of confusion.
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    • Help and Support

      Help and support section: Where issues and problems are sorted out

      The help and support section of this forum is one of our customer support platforms where we relate with customers. If you have any issue or problem about our website and you want to place a complaint, then you can easily do that at our help and support section. Our expert will always be available to immediately guide you through what you should do or help with solving your problems.
      It is possible you might have attempted to register your business and you were not successful, or you have paid for any of our plans, but some of the features you should be enjoying are not yet activated. You can easily contact us here and our team of experts will swiftly look into the issue and promptly update you with what the exact situation is or help with solving the problem.
      Apart from getting help and support from our experienced staff, you will also get the opportunity to get help from other users of the community who might have passed through the problem you are currently passing through in the past. They will also be able to contribute and enlighten you on how they were able to solve the problem. We are very confident that irrespective of the reason you are looking for help on support on this section, you will be able to immediately get answers on how to solve the problem.
      Individuals who have also patronized a client and did not get the desired result can also get some help on this forum. It is important to note that any business you decide to do business with, is at your own risk. This is why we recommend that you research properly on the business, especially, checking their reviews, to be sure that they have a good track record. You will be able to get suggestion on steps you can take to resolve some problems you might be facing. Hopefully, the businesses you are having issues with, will also be able to respond to your complaints and a solution could be proffered that will be favorable to both parties.
       Apart from this help and support section, other means through which you can reach us when you have any issue or complaint is through our contact page. You can fill the contact form, send an e-mail or call us on phone. You should therefore, feel free to use any of this other means to reach out to us, especially when you have an issue with the website. We are always willing to help you solve any issue as our team will respond to you promptly. Businesses that are always active on the help and support forum could also get an added advantage of improved visibility. People who are more frequent in the help and support section will be able to see the business, view their profile and probably patronize them whenever they require a product or service that is related to that business.
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    • Lounge

      Have fun and get other information at the lounge

      In the midst of business, it is also nice to occasionally catch fun. Furthermore, there are a number of other information that might not be directly business related, but that can be very beneficial to business owners and individuals at the personal level. This could be very important information like how a business owner can manage business and their health properly or other interests like sports and jokes.
      The lounge section of this forum was therefore created as an avenue for individuals to discuss other topics that are not directly related to business and lookin4me.com. If you have interesting topics on health, sports, games, jokes and technology amongst others that you feel will be of immense benefits to the people who use this forum, you can easily create a thread about it, in this section and you will be able to get reply.
      It is however, important to note that discussions related to pornography, violence or that could be offensive should be discouraged. Preference should be placed on threads that will be beneficial to people in different ways. For instance, you might want to create a topic about fashion, about love and passion and marketing techniques. Such topics for discussion can be created under this section.
      General questions and answers about life can also be posted under this section. Topics such as relationship advice and tips can also be discussed under this section. The list is endless. The purpose of this lounge is for people to be able to discuss other topics that are not directly related to business. We do not want the other sections on this forum to be spammed. It is in line with this, that we believed it will be best to create a neutral section where people can discuss whatever they like, as far as it is not offensive.
      The forum believes that every member of the forum will always look forward to new forum in this section as very exciting topics will be created. No niche will be left out in discussions as people can always read topics that interest them and make contributions.
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    • News & Events

      Keep track of news and events

      One of the easiest ways to keep abreast of the happenings in the world is to always be in a position, where it is possible to read about things that are going on in the world. The news and events section of this forum therefore gives member the opportunity to get the information about happenings around them. Such information should be life-saving, educative, accurate, timely and generally beneficial to the members of the forum.
      Individuals can therefore post news about recent happenings in the world and their environment in this section. The use of pictures, where applicable, is also encouraged so that it gives some level of credibility to the news. It is very important that only factual news are posted in this section. This is to avoid misleading people who feel they might be offended from taking actions that could be costly. The spreading of rumors and unconfirmed news is not encouraged in this section. If you must give a hoax news, you should use the lounge section instead and you should plainly state it by the topic, at the beginning and end of the article that it is a joke. This is to avoid misleading people who only read the topic or only the first paragraph of threads.
      A major type of news that will interest people on this forum is business news. Business owners like to always access business news because of the direct and indirect impact it can have on their business. Been exposed to the right news at the right time, can go a long way to help a business close a deal and make substantial profit. Business news can also help individuals on the forum as well. News such as best stock to invest at a particular time, could convince individuals to invest in a stock where they will be able to get some profit in the short while. Furthermore, a news stating that it is the right time to sell a particular stake can protect them from losing some money. The section therefore, encourages business news as well as other types of news that are commonly watched, enjoyed and followed in the world such as political news and sports news amongst others.
      Businesses and individuals can also post information about events that are organizing or popular international events that are been organized in this section. Events that are related to business will be very beneficial to the member of the forum. Business seminars, business summits and other business events should therefore, be properly posted in this section. For events, it is important for the venue, date and time to be clearly stated in the post. Furthermore, it is vital to state if the event is going to be free or the amount that is expected to be paid to enter into the event. The activities that will take place in the event as well as the speakers should also be duly noted. With all of these properly spelt out, it will be easier for people to have the full information of the event and make up their mind if they want to attend or not. In the case that they decide to attend, the date and time will help them to know when to go there and venue will help them to know where to go. The pricing will also go a long way to inform them if they are to go with only their transportation fair or how much extra they will need to take along to pay for accessing the grounds and other materials that are to be shared during the business events.
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    • Suggestions and Feedback

      Give your suggestions and feedback in this section

      Lookin4me.com is opened to new and better ideas towards improving the platform for the benefit of our members and guests. We understand that everybody has preferences and that there are some simple additions and/or subtractions on our platform that can go a long way to improve user experience on our platform. We therefore encourage members of the website to give any suggestions that they fill will go a long way to help the platform as well as the members of the platform.
      Suggestions could be in the form theme change to a suggested better way, addition of more new types and categories of businesses as well as other ways the look and performance of the website can be improved. Once we receive the suggestions, the relevant department(s) will take a proper look of the suggestions. We will subsequently scrutinize it to see if it is implementable. The advantages and disadvantages of implementing the suggestion will be weighed as well as how sustainable the suggestion is. Once it is able to pass all the criteria, the suggestion will be implemented as soon as possible. People with great ideas and suggestions that can help to improve the look and feel of our website are therefore encouraged to drop it.
      We also encourage that people give feedback to our platform. As you benefit from our platform as a business owner or an individual, we will be happy if you can state what you have benefitted from the website as well as how the website has helped you achieve the aims and objectives of your business. If you have had a positive experience using our website, and the platform has linked you to particular businesses whose services you desire, you can also give your feedbacks in this section. The feedback section will help us to know how we are helping people, so that we know which of our features are been used the most and how we can improve on that feature so that even more people will be able to benefit more from the platform. We hope that with your feedbacks, more people will be able to get to know how we are serving others and subsequently join us. A growth in our community, means more people getting convinced about our forum and platform as well as more people who might end up patronizing you in the future.
      If you have a negative feedback about our platform, we will prefer you contact us directly, so that we can see how we can sort out the issue amicably and in such a way that you will be satisfied. If you are still not satisfied with our response, then you can give your feedback in this section, or preferably in the help and support section. Once again we will reply to it and attempt to ensure that the problem is solved.
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